Our Wholesale Partners

We are grateful to work with like-minded, community focused, local vendors throughout the Triangle area. You can currently find our produce at the following locations:


Weaver Street Market is part of a worldwide movement of businesses that use the cooperative model to meet individual and community needs. Unlike stores that are owned by out-of-town corporations, Weaver Street is owned locally by our customers and employees. We have 18,000 consumer households and 200 employee owners, each with their individual tastes and interests but all sharing the purpose of helping our co-op and our community thrive.

The key to Weaver Street’s cooperative model is the relationship with our owners, made up of shared economics, shared community, and shared knowledge.


Durham Co-op Market began through the efforts of folks in several neighborhoods near downtown Durham, NC who saw a need and were excited about the possibility of creating a grocery/market that focused on locally-produced food. Durham Co-op Market opened in March, 2015 at 1111 W. Chapel Hill St. The co-op is community owned, and community focused. Our goal is to return as much revenue as possible to our community by supporting local farms, selling locally made products, and supporting local jobs.

LOMO MARKET (Triangle Area)

LoMo Market is a team of farm lovin’ folks who want to connect customers with farm fresh foods.  If people who value high quality, local foods don’t have time to seek them out, let’s bring the food to them! We have created a new retail experience where the market is on wheels.  You can walk through our market to pick and choose your favorite goodies. For those of us old enough to remember the “Book Mobile,” think of us as “local food” mobile. (In fact, “LoMo” stands for “local” and “mobile”!)

We want to help expand the market for local foods making it easier for farmers and local food producers to be successful by making it more convenient to buy their goods. They can focus on making more great food, and we can focus on eating better!

SCRATCH (Durham)


Scratch makes real, honest, hand-crafted food. We support and nurture relationships with local farmers and producers and are proud to be a part of Durham, North Carolina’s growing, vibrant food community.