Get to Know Farmer Caitlin

Get to Know Your Farmer // Caitlin Law

Meet Caitlin, Red's rookie farmer. She's worked hard in the past year learning about all aspects of working a farm and running her own business.  Caitlin has a sharp attention to detail and keeps us organized. These are great assets for farming and without these skills Red's would not run so smoothly. She overseas the finances, updates the website, manages the CSA, and is our main delivery driver for our wholesale accounts.  Look for her on the road hauling veggies to local Co-Op's and restaurants!   

How long have you been farming?
This is only my second year working on a farm. I've volunteered on a small community garden project in Chicago and have successfully killed many a house plants and terrariums in my day.

How did you get involved in farming?
I remember admiring my mother's gardens growing up, but can't say I was much of practical help. When I was in Chicago I helped over see a garden team of artists with disabilities in a small community garden space. It was amazing to see how much energy, confidence, and independence they obtained working in the small garden. When Dave and I started thinking about moving back to NC I jumped on the opportunity to work on this farm project with the goal to create a space that is inclusive to folks with disabilities. That's still a big goal of mine at the farm.

Favorite veggie to grow and why?
I love growing our lettuces. Although they look so delicate they're resilient and beautiful. It doesn't hurt that they have speedy germination and our cut lettuces keep on coming back even when you think they have nothing more to give.

Favorite vegetable to eat?
It's hard to pick just one. I love love love potatoes but certainly appreciate the first tomatoes of summer and some kale in the fall when it's been ages since I've had a raw green from the farm.

Best part of Red's Quality Acre?
Owning my own business even though it's difficult and scary. Also I really appreciate being able to see our hard work in a tangible way. Gazing at a landscape of beautiful vegetables and knowing I was a small part of making it happen.

When you're not farming you can be found:
SLEEPING...and when I'm awake I enjoy crafting, meditating, and constantly trying to find more time to read.

Greatest accomplish at the farm this season?
Feeling a bit more confident in my decision making and not being as overwhelmed by the pace. I think we learned a lot last year and it shows in our increased efficiency and productivity.

Biggest challenge?
Balancing the demands of the farm and all of the behind the scenes tasks of business management.

Why is farming important:
Food is a basic human need and it's alarming how disconnected we are from the food  we eat and the process and care it takes to grow it. Even as someone who dated a farmer and had friends in agriculture it wasn't until I started farming that I truly grasped how much went into farming and  just how narrow the profit margins are. I think small local farming, CSA's and farmers markets are a way to strengthen our food communities and support our farmers while nourishing our friends and family.

Where do you see Red's in the future?
I want to see Red's be sustainable and pay living wages. I'd love to see folks with disabilities be active members of our farm team in a meaningful capacity.