Get to Know Farmer Dave

Get to Know Your Farmer // Dave Henderson!

Meet Dave our co-founder who wears many hats around the farm. He not only oversees the crew and day-to-day production tasks he can also be found managing our sales accounts and maintaining community partnerships, fixing machinery and building infrastructure, developing the crop plan and problem solving out in the field. He has diverse farming skills and experience, a clear vision for the farm, and one heck of a work ethic. Dave has a strong commitment to organic and sustainable growing practices and a passionate drive to provide high quality produce to his hometown community. Here's a little more about Farmer Dave:

How long have you been farming?
9 years

How did you get involved in farming?
Initially it seemed fun to me and an easy transition from the home construction and remodeling work I'd been doing throughout my life. My folks set me up with Tim and Helga of Four Leaf Farm and I worked there for a year 1/2 before entering a sustainable farming class in Chicago. It's great to now have Tim & Helga as mentors as I develop my own farm.

Favorite veggie to grow and why?
Carrots: it's really fun to grow root crops even though they are challenging

Favorite vegetable to eat?
Turnips, they are an early spring crop and so refreshing. I've had difficulty growing them in this climate which makes them taste that much better when they're successful.

Best part of Red's Quality Acre?
It's so rewarding running your own business and being able to make a living doing it.

When you're not farming you can be found:
Skateboarding, playing music and soccer

Greatest accomplish at the farm this season?
Feeling like we're really improving in our second year. It's amazing to see our overall growth and how we've become more efficient and productive.

Biggest challenge?
Expanding our sales. Since we're more productive this year there has been a bigger need to sell our larger volume of produce. It's hard to manage time to meet chefs and nurture new relationships during the height of the season and just as hard to see produce out in the field that doesn't have an outlet yet.

Why is farming important:
I just believe there is great value in small farms and farm families being able to grow food for their local community. It provides jobs and high quality food for the community while also supporting local business.

Where do you see Red's in the future?
I want to see Red's be a well oiled machine--a fully functioning farm that is sustainable and paying a living wage to all of those involved in the project.