Get to Know Your Farmer : Norm Budnitz

Meet Norm our resident biologist and mentor. He brings years of life and garden wisdom as well as scientific knowledge to Red's operation. Norm was gracious enough to lend us his land, time, and support to help get our farm started. When he's not pointing out birds or identifying pests and pollinators, Norm is a big help with all things tractor and machinery. Here's a little more about Norm: 


How long have you been in agriculture?
I started gardening with my dad growing up. To call it agriculture, it's been 10 years.

Favorite veggie to grow?
Peanuts because they are so interesting.

Favorite veggie to eat?
Edamame (but I can't eat them on my current diet), tomatoes, and cone cabbage.

Biggest challenge this year?
The heat, this year and every's always the heat.

Greatest accomplishment at Red's so far?
Working with Dave and Caitlin to be honest. Helping them getting things set up and seeing it work has been my greatest accomplishment.

When you're not farming, what you can be found doing?
Birding and making origami.